Master Series Immersion Courses in Advanced implant dentistry

Sclar Center 3-day limited attendance immersion course are designed for 16 clinicians who desire to achieve mastery of: The clinical and scientific knowledge, diagnosis, treatment planning, patient consultation/case presentation methods and surgical skills required to successfully implement specific advanced implant dentistry procedures in their clinical practice. These course features; interdisciplinary scientific and clinical presentations bolstered by extensive edited procedure videos, case treatment planning sessions to help you select the best treatment approach in individual cases, intensive hands-on training to improve your surgical skills in our state-of-the-art simulation lab with one-to-one mentoring by Dr. Sclar and his team and interactive live procedure observations captured by quad robotic HD video cameras and broadcast to our ultra-comfortable multimedia classroom where participants enjoy procedural details from multiple viewing angles emulating the operating surgeon's point of view.

Each program is an "Intense Immersion Experience" that ensures that participants will not only gain an extremely high level of knowledge on the topics but also be able to master the detailed psychomotor skills required to successfully perform the learned procedures on their patients. Our Advanced Implant Dentistry Immersion Courses eliminate the need to travel back and forth on multiple occasions in order to master the topics. Participants will receive pre-course study materials to ensure that all participants posses the prerequisite knowledge to maximize their course participation and enhance their learning experience.

Each course will include daily didactic program enhanced by extensive edited procedure video and participant discussions, our highly acclaimed case treatment planning sessions, interactive live surgical, restorative and/or lab procedure demonstrations with immediately review of procedure details with participants in order to underscore the critical points of each procedure thereby providing a profound understanding of procedural nuances that are vital for successful clinical implementation. Finally, under Dr. Sclar and his team's personalized one-on-one mentoring, participants will master the surgical, restorative and lab procedures with hands-on training performed on mannequin models and cadaver specimens in the our state-of-the-art simulation lab. Participants will enjoy working at their own pace in their fully equipped lab workstation where procedures are demonstrated by video playback of Dr. Sclar and faculty members performing the surgical, restorative and/or laboratory procedures that students will be performing during their hands-on training on identical models or cadaver specimen.

In addition to attending didactic presentations, your team members will receive comprehensive training related to: hospital grade sterile technique set up, care and maintenance of surgical and restorative instrumentation, proven consultation and case presentation methods for success, patient informed consent and peri-operative patient instructions including. In our experience, the training you team members receive will facilitate implementation of the learned course procedures in your practice. Upon completion of an immersion course, participants will have the opportunity to obtain exclusive access to a video surgery library related to the learned course procedures. These instructional videos have proven to be invaluable to participants' providing a quick review once their patient or patients are ready to proceed with treatment.

In order to maximize your Advanced Implant Learning we recommend that course be taken in the following order:

1) Soft Tissue Immersion Course: Periodontal & Per-Implant Plastic Surgery
2) Advanced Bone Grafting & Tissue Engineering Immersion Course
3) Interdisciplinary Esthetic Implant Therapy Immersion Course

In addition, our Comprehensive All-on-4® Full Arch Immediate Function Immersion Course can be taken at any time


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