Interdisciplinary Esthetic Implant Therapy Immersion Course

Surgical and Restorative Site Development Protocols


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Presented by Dr. Anthony G. Sclar and Dr. Juan D. Cardenas — Next Course Date October 22-24, 2017

This 3-day course is appropriate for doctors with intermediate and advanced experience in implant dentistry who desire to sharpen their diagnostic acumen, perfect their treatment planning ability, and improve their surgical skills in the area of esthetic implant site development.

  • The didactic and clinical presentations will underscore the importance that patient evaluation, risk assessment, and strategic selection and sequencing of hard and soft tissue implant site development have on achieving and maintaining natural esthetics in implant therapy.
  • Case planning exercises will help participants develop suitable implant site development treatment plans according to the type of ridge defect present and other individual case factors known to influence esthetic outcomes.
  • Video surgery footage and live surgery observations will clearly illustrate the details of individual site development procedures and identify and contrast the case scenarios that are amenable to simultaneous hard and/or soft tissue site development at the time of implant placement from those that require a series of soft and hard tissue procedures prior to implant placement.
  • Hands-on exercises will allow participants to sharpen their surgical skills for soft and hard tissue esthetic implant site development procedures.

After completing this course, doctors should be able to:

  • Command an in depth understanding of smile esthetic principles and the anatomic, biologic and technical factors that impact implant esthetics.
  • Perform a systematic esthetic evaluation and risk assessment to identify clinical and patient related factors associated with esthetic implant complications and develop diagnostically driven prosthetic and surgical treatment planning options for your implant patients.
  • Identify and distinguish between case scenarios that are amenable to simultaneous implant placement with hard and soft tissue grafting from those that require staged grafting procedures prior to implant placement.
  • Understand hard and soft tissue ridge anatomy requirements for esthetic implant sites  and when to use: open flap versus flapless surgery and submerged versus non-submerged implants in the esthetic zone. 
  • Use soft and hard tissue wound healing and grafting biology information to direct the selection and sequencing of esthetic implant site development procedures. 
  • Understand the indications, sequencing, and step-by-step procedure details for performing the following esthetic implant site development procedures: 

    — Ideal esthetic implant placement
    — Minimally traumatic tooth extraction
    — Ridge preservation procedures
    — Repair extraction site defects
    — Immediate implant placement
    — Flapless and open flap procedures
    — Immediate provisional restorations
    — Connective tissue grafts and MucograftTM
    — Palatal pedicle flaps
    — Papilla augmentation procedures
    — Particulate and block bone grafts
    — Guided bone regeneration
    — Use of growth factors and healing adjuncts
    — Orthodontic site development
    — Esthetic root coverage and crown extension
  • Fabricate, deliver and modify implant provisional restorations for development of inconspicuous esthetic soft tissue architecture.
  • Comprehend the steps involved in interdisciplinary management of single, multiple adjacent and complex full arch esthetic dental implant reconstructions and avoid, identify and treat esthetic complications.

Limited to 16 participants. 24 hours of CE credit are given for this 3-day certificate course. Although no prerequisite is required for this course, participants are expected to have intermediate to advanced experience in dental implant surgery. Additionally, students should become familar with the pre-course reading material that will be given in advance. Students are encouraged to make hotel arrangements at the nearby MayFair Hotel in Coconut Grove. Transportation to and from the Sclar Center will be provided.

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