"The Live-Surgery reinforced what was taught in this course.  Dr. Sclar did multiple grafting procedures in the surgery to show the difference in each technique and how it can be accomplished."  Dr. Joe Marcius, Silver Lakes, OH

"Absolutely great surgical, prosthetic and laboratory team make this extremely educational course on the ALL On 4 subject a MUST for any clinician. Every aspect of treatment is explained throughout the course.  Dr.Sclar’s wealth of knowledge combined with his humility makes him a great mentor, I sincerely thank him. He dedicates himself to teaching, truly teaching with added CARE. Staying connected to his attendees when one (myself) has a question two years after the course was taken and following up on my patient, is a sign of a TRUE EDUCATOR."  Dr. Omid Fard, Oakley Ca.

"Thanks for the great course and thanks for giving me so much individual time to pound your extensive knowledge through my thick skull.  You all did a great job with the course and I enjoyed it very much."  Dr. Phillip Koch, OMS Gainesville GA

"The fact there are no dental firm’s attached makes this course extra-ordinary and more than worthwhile!"  Dr. Patricia D’Haese Leire, Belgium

"This course helps me take patient care to a new level.  I will be a different clinician Monday morning without a doubt!"  Dr. Eddie Sauer, Amarillo, TX

"Excellent course!  I will recommend it to my colleagues."  Dr. Nicolas Bebeau, OMS Paradise Valley, AZ

"Wonderful facilities my assistant gained a wealth of knowledge from all of Dr. Sclar’s assistants and lecture.  I know changes in my staff and the way I practice are already in planning!" Dr. Spencer Haley, OMS, Nashville, TN

"This is a course where science and research meets clinical reality."  Dr. Joseph Kelly, Wilmington, DE

"Excellent course, would highly recommend it.  This is my second course, the first one was “All-on-4”; this was just as good!"  Dr. Kenyon Fort, OMS, St. Petersburg, FL

"Outstanding Course!  Recommend it for anyone that places implants in their practice."  Dr. Kirk Russell, OMS, Lebanon, TN

"Dr. Sclar and his staff are amazing.  Their wealth of knowledge coupled with their outstanding professionalism should be a model for all oral and maxilla facial surgery offices.  They’re wonderful!"   Ms. Noma Gwebu, Surgery Assistant, Brentwood, TN

"Excellent course and helpful for my team to be present. Thank you; very good review for Soft tissue content from Dr. Sclar." Dr. Marvin Slott

"Condensed, informative, and directed towards practitioners who are serious about All-on-4 . Enough material that could fit 5-days condensed in 2-days." Dr. Mohamed Al-Janabi

"Esthetics can’t get any better than that produced by this exceptional team." Dr. William Williams

"This is a most comprehensive and informative course. I would like to follow these doctors around to observe and learn more. The esthetic demands of patients makes this course a must for the serious implantologist." Dr. Richard Hughes

"Tony Sclar is always fresh, objective, science based and practical. Fabulous Educator." Dr. Joel Goodman

This program delivers an extensive array of current information in one trip. It’s nice to get this much great, immediately useful knowledge-ready to put into use immediately back at the office.” Dr. Douglas Weir

“The simple guidelines presented for esthetics with implants immediately make me more successful Monday morning.” Dr. Eddy Sauer

“Excellent, up-to-date review of the critical elements of anterior Implant Esthetics” Dr. Andrew Hartwig

“10 years and four courses later, Dr. Sclar courses continue to help me take my implant practice to a higher level every time!” Dr. Steve Molpus

“I always learn something new with Tony Sclar” Dr. Mark Lawhon

“When I thought I knew everything about the All-on-4 technique Dr. Sclar taught me even more about my surgical technique to improve my surgical approach.” Dr. Mark Lawhon

“Excellent and comprehensive course, utilizing clinical and scientific documentation.” Dr. Brian Smith

“Dr. Sclar’s course provides a very good balance of scientific research and clinical hints. You will leave his course feeling confident you have the tools to perform successful All-on-4 treatment.” Dr. Douglas Squire

“As a specialist, I am always looking for clinical protocols to introduce to my referring colleagues that will lead to improved patient care and increased referrals. Dr. Sclar and his colleagues provide that foundation of knowledge for full arch implant rehabilitation. A must for every implant specialist.” Dr. Steven Falcon

“Very informative lecture-a lot of beneficial information for surgeon/clinician.” Dr. Tammy Stout

“Before I took this course I was very skeptical about recommending and/or delivering an all-on-4 case. I have turned 180 degrees and I feel confident in recommending and delivering a successful case. Excellent course. Take it!” Dr. Jim Lalonde

“Thank you Tony for the amazing refresher of the basics of All-on-4 treatment Solutions.” Dr. Bryan Murray

“Great course. Well documented cases. This course gave me the confidence to do more comprehensive cases.” Dr. Tim Walsh

“Having attended several Sclar courses over the last 8-10 years, I can testify to the high quality of the presentations. Clinical pearls abound.” Dr. Mac Worley

“An excellent blend of surgical and prosthetic information. Many pearls to take home, awesome to be informed on the cutting edge technologies.” Dr. Jon Asbjornson

“Tony and Juan are a terrific team. I can’t imagine a better pair of clinicians to introduce the All-on-4 concept.” Dr. Andrew Hartwig

"We were able to treat three All on Four cases in the first month following completion of the course producing over $80,000 in revenue for the practice that would not have been accepted otherwise or would have come in at a much lower treatment fee.  This course not only provided the clinical skill to provide the service, but has returned 10X our course investment in the first month." Dr. Matthew Holtan and Dr. Arthur Molzan, Naples FL

"Excellent Essentials Course for novice and experienced surgeons who are looking to reinforce their understanding of the essentials for basic implant surgery. Literally the best implant course I have ever attended."
--Dr. John Lovoi, Jr., League City, TX

"Great sharing and tranfer of knowledge with real-time performance of surgical management."Dr. Vincent Carey

"Great presentation demonstrating the marriage of the surgical & restorative components of the All-on-4 protocol. An unparalleled educational experience."— Dr. Euger Lin

"Excellent course, no questions about the All-on-4 concept were left unanswered or not addressed."Dr. Kenyon Fort

"The Esthetics course is essential for surgeons to provide excellent care to their patients. Biological and evidence based treatment protocols allow for predictable outstanding esthetic results. If you want to offer your patients the best in implant dentistry, you should take this course."
--Dr. Bradford S. Jungels, Northfield, NJ

"Dr. Sclar gives sound scientific rationale for techniques. I am much more comfortable using a system that I can believe in because it makes sense scientifically." - Dr. Rob Armstrong, Chagrin Falls, OH

"I would recommend this course to anyone interested in the All-on-4® technique, both surgeon and restorative dentist. Dr. Sclar and Dr. Cardenas provide unbiased, evidence-bases scientific information on the subject."— Dr. Jordan Davis

"As a periodontist I’m impressed with Dr. Sclar’s knowledge of perio plastic surgery. He not only performs this surgery at the highest level but brings to the surgery his expertise in general plastic surgery and wound healing. Well done and thank you."
--Dr. Bob Alvarenga, West Lebanon, NH

"Soft tissue management material was outstanding, very comprehensive. I highly recommend this course to periodontists who are reluctant to take a soft tissue course given by an oral surgeon.”
--Dr. John Russo, Sarasota, FL

"An essential course from a true master of implantology, this will change the way I practice." —Dr. Guy McLellan, UK

"More than met my expectations. I will immediately implement these procedures in my practice. I will definitely recommend this course to my peers." — Dr. Eric Oakley,Yuba City, CA

"I've learned a great deal about soft tissue grafting. This is an excellent step-by-step course."— Dr. Andrew Chin, Torrance, CA

"All serious implant surgeons, whether a beginner or a veteran should take this course. Its structure and content provide you with the tools to deliver a higher standard of care for your patients. Thank you for raising the bar!" 
--Dr. Tom Stevenson, Edmonton, Canada

"Dr. Sclar is an outstanding educator. As a Board Certified Periodontist, I can verify he is an outstanding surgeon. His attention to detail is amazing. I highly recommend spending time and money to learn from him. Make the time to attend his Annual Comprehensive Surgical Course in Miami Beach, Florida. If you seek exceptional and cutting-edge Dental Implant surgical knowlege, he presents real and predictable information."
--Paul J. Denemark, DDS, MSD, Burr Ridge, Illinois.

"Tony is fantastic. Great course. Worth every penny. Very good handout and room for notes. Well run course. I especially appreciate honesty, as regards to showing less than optimal cases, so that we can avoid making the same mistakes.”
--Dr. Thomas Butts, Brighton, MI

"I’ve learned a great deal about soft tissue grafting. This is an excellent step-by-step course for the novice grafter.”
--Dr. Andrew Chin, Torrance, CA

"Tony is a brilliant clinician and an excellent teacher. The VIP-CT grafts, Bio-Col technique, and treatment algorithms are positive contributions to the profession. Also, his lack of ego is refreshing!”
--Dr. David Swan,Traverse City, MI

"Everything presented was practical and taught at a level to allow me to go home and perform the procedures. The material presented was non-biased with a scientific base and research to back results. Dr. Sclar didn't try to showboat cases that were beyond our abilities. The manual was well organized for easy at-office reference." 
--Dr. Darrell Bourg, Marrero, LA

"Excellent, excellent course for me, a general dentist who has placed 60-70 implants and who does the restorations."
--Dr. John Allen, Farwell, MI

"Well worth the cross-country trip. This course was engaging, informative, and most of all easily integrated into practice. I'll be back."
--Dr. Brian Hart, Mukilteo, WA  (Repeat Participant)

"The Artistry of your soft tissue and work is inspiring to all clinicians."
--Dr. Raj Patel, Essesmere Port, UK

"As a periodontist, I was impressed with Sclar's surgical knowledge and technique. He makes tissue look like it's not an issue!"
--Dr. Farah Wayi, Crestent Canada

"I will never look at bone and soft tissue the same way again."
--Dr. Arif Saoan, Richmond Hill, Canada

"Dr. Sclar is really really excellent. His soft tissue and hard tissue management lectures are a real eye opener. He is really different from other speakers. I learned a lot. Thanks, Dr. Sclar, for giving me the knowledge about soft and hard tissue management for dental implants." 
--Dr. Ajay Singh, India

"I have attended other conferences and have had discussions with other surgeons regarding their different "cocktails" of materials and methods. Dr. Sclar is the first person to give me a sound scientific rationale for a technique. I am much more comfortable using a system that I can believe in because it makes sense scientifically and not just following someone’s recipe."
--Dr. Rob Armstrong, Chagrin Falls, OH

"All I want to say is thank you, all of you."
--Dr. Ron Nellen, Greenfield, WI

"Great course. It will change my practice immediately."
--Dr. John Spann, Chattanooga, TN

"I feel that the conference objectives for each day covered a great deal of material. The fundamental biologic concepts and scientific information were excellent. Both the soft tissue grafting lecture and bone augmentation lecture were extremely informative, best I have heard. I respect Tony’s honesty as far as his complications. Usually we see the beautiful cases with excellent soft tissue and bone responses. However, this is not reality. It was great to learn from another's mistakes. Tony was great. I would recommend this course!"
--Dr. David Sorial, Southgate, MI

"I guess some things could go without having to mention them, but one valuable thing I learned from this course was patient photos! I take them on all my cosmetic and arthograftic patients, but I do not take them on my implant patients. NOW I WILL! Dr. Sclar showed photos on a patient who, after treatment was done, remembered his pre-op condition differently than it had been. All that Dr. Sclar had to do was to show the pre-op photos to the patient, and it cleared everything right up! Although it will be a "learning curve" for me, I feel that, after taking this course, if I can’t recognize and manage the soft tissue concerns associated with placement of implants, my patients are being truly underserved."
--Dr. Mark Davis, Fairview, TX

“The new thought in Perio is to pay attention to tissue and the bone will follow. Now I see, as never before, why I have had good implant restorations by paying attention to the tissue. Because I am a GP and do not place implants, only restore them, I was fortunate to never have been blinded by thoughts of bone. My concern has been about tissue stress and occlusion. This course tied together perio, histology, and oral surgery technique with my clinical experiences.”
--Dr. Gregory Aldrich, Bradenton, FL

"I am an OMFS – I think the way you handle soft tissue is terrific! We OMFS are told we are too rough. Your soft tissue techniques are great. The fact that you wrote your book on soft tissue is a credit to our profession!  I like the fact that you continually shared with us your bad outcomes as well as good. You are very talented surgeon who has a great reputation, and the fact that you share your complications with us is satisfying, as it is good to know that you are human, too. This was a great course with very well done combination of presentations, literature material, and hands-on clinical experiences."
--Dr. Russ Bleiler, Langhorne, PA

"The ISTM conference is an excellent balance of scientific and clinical practice. Evidence based practice protocols were presented in a passionate informative and entertaining way. Concepts were reinforced superbly with a blend of didactic presentations, video presentations, and hands-on workshops."
--Dr. Brian Whitley, Hamilton, New Zealand

"The ISTM conference has been five days of an all-you-can-eat buffet of dental implant information."
--Dr. Leland Chrisman, Tupelo, MS

"I appreciate Dr. Sclar's manner of presentation with no pretension (no bull, very down to earth)."
--Dr. Dan Johnson, Longmont, CO

"An essential course from a true master of implantology, this will change the way I practice."
--Dr. Guy McLellan, Beaconsfield, UK

"I came to this course principally to take the hands on course. I expected the lecture portion to be a boring rehash of historical literature. What I experienced were first rate lectures, which were stimulating and informative. And, the hands-on courses lived up to my lofty expectations. I will immediately implement these procedures into my practice. I will definitely take this course again and recommend it to my peers."
--Dr. Eric Oakley, Yuba City, CA

"Hindus and Buddhists scholars say that a conversation with a wise man is worth ten years of study. Thank you for a very informative and enlightening course and various tips. You used very good cases that we can all relate to. Fantastic presentations!"
--Dr. Nik Pandya, London, UK

"Understanding esthetics and soft tissue management will become the most valuable knowledge. There is no better place to learn it than here."
--Dr. Abraham Finkelman, -Raanana, Israel

"With his disarming discussion-style lecture technique, Dr. Sclar is truly effective at sharing a wealth of knowledge and experience in all aspects of surgical implant therapy."
--Dr. Joel Powel, Halifax, NS

"Awesome that you share your failures and show how you learned. This makes understanding the small details easier! Great course!"
--Dr. Patrick Abbey, Tampa, FL

"Dr.Sclar's course provides an excellent review of fundamental esthetic and implant surgical procedures. I also learned interesting surgical maneuvers and techniques which I'll certainly use in my practice!"
--Dr. Vinay Bhide, Toronto, Ontario

"Excellent program, more than a few golden nuggets and worth the trip from Ontario, Canada."
--Dr. Maurizio Casciato, -Ontario, Canada

"This is the first time, in the many lectures I have attended, that a surgeon has admitted his misfortunes. I respect Dr. Sclar with his candidness. This is an excellent, well integrated course. It comes full circle. I highly recommend it."
--Dr. Yoric, J.S. Change, -Leominister, MA

"This has been the best course I have ever attended! Period!"
--Dr. Stephen F. Molpus, North Little Rock, AR

"My concern was returning to the course after two years and simply seeing the same lecture. To my surprise and pleasure, Dr. Sclar had completely revamped the entire program with all new cases, updates and changes to surgical techniques, and a more dynamic presentation. I look forward to coming back again!"
--Dr. John M. Emmet, Phoenix, MD

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